OKD and human rights

The loss of dwelling against an inhabitant´s free will is not only a financial loss but mainly moral and psychical one. In addition to money needed to get managed a new dwelling there are also other costs. The people that have to leave their houses due to coal mining can not expect anybody to pay these costs. And money they are given for their flat or house is not sufficient enough to buy a new house or a flat of the similar size and equipment.

Therefore there is high time for representatives of our country to realize a necessity of our acts and measures harmonisation with the principles in the democratic society. The way used by a forced buy-up of the houses thanks to the mining activity is inconsistent with the List of basic rights and freedoms and as well as with the constitution order in the Czech Repubic. The people will not be a priori against everything provided someone does not touch their property, their privacy and mainly their human being rights in the illegal way. It is not possible to offer them a ridiculous compensation for caused damage as it happens in the case of coal mining in Karvinsko – today in Doubrava city but also in other similar cases. The mining company follows the lines of past time when the private ownership was not respected. Only the new Mining Act could change the situation. But the bill of the Mining Act amendment, which was created in the cooperation of the Czech Mining Authority and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is only a further proof of state bureaucracy ignoring the rights of inhabitants struck by mining activity. Besides the name of country and authority there is no other change.

I think that OKD mining company does not even respect the present legislation when buying-up houses in the forced way thanks to its mining damage. How can OKD use the Property Estimation Act no. 151/1997 Coll., which says just in its first stipulation which conditions have to be fulfilled so that we can use this act? It is in the contradiction with the Ministry of Finance statement, worked out by the minister´s deputy Mr Jaroslav Šulc dated June 22, 2001, according to which both parties are to reach an agreement. And how does OKD respect the current even if archaic act no. 44/1988 Coll., which also mentions an agreement in the stipulations 33 and 37 in case of compensation caused by mining activities? According to OKD the agreement looks like in the following way: OKD lawyers work it out, conditions are included there and a harmed inhabitant is given it to sign. Does anybody realize in this country (if it does not concern him) that the Czech Republic inhabitants human rights are trampled underfoot and even smothered by the manners of many private comapnies?

Inhabitant Union FRYGATO – EKO
In Karviná city